Peat Inn

November 17, 2016

Peat Inn

We had a lovely meal last night at The Peat Inn, the Michelin starred restaurant with rooms in the eponymous hamlet near St. Andrews.

Chef Patron Geffrey Smeddle welcomed back Scott Smith, who worked at the Peat Inn for two years before opening Edinburgh’s distinctive and innovative Norn restaurant in Spring 2016 to national acclaim. For one very special evening, they collaborated on a joint menu at The Peat Inn to celebrate Savour St. Andrews.

The food was exquisite and showed off all we have to offer locally from sea bass carpaccio to local venison with the ubiquitous but delicious Sea Buckthorn berries – those orange berries you’ll see peppering thorny bushes around the Fife coast in the autumn – incorporated into the pudding.

Jamie, Helen, Ben and I couldn’t help smiling by the end – and it wasn’t just to do with the cocktails and exceptional wines that went with every course!